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As in love, chemistry adds, but has only been one component behind our successful technologies developed since 1964. We believe it’s a synergy between our innovation power, collaboration between co-workers and our ability to have co-created with you.

In our Bolidt Innovation Center we have therefore combined all three ingredients under one roof. You, our product and us. Step in to the chemistry.


To connect with your senses is what we have built our Innovation Center around. See, press, stretch, pet and test our materials integrated everywhere around in our exhibit area and be taken by the hand of an expert to see beyond your vision in our R&D Center. 
All materials and professions at hand, giving you insights into the solutions out there.

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“I arrived with a challenge and left with a variety of solutions at hand. Definitely worthwhile visiting.”

— Visitor


Imagine the best organized trip you’ve ever been on... A personal host to supervise you, food and beverage taken care off and a program tailored to your organization. That’s exactly what we have in store for you, yet, better. Embark our VIP (water)taxi in Rotterdam – architectural capital of Holland to set sail for our Bolidt Innovation Center, where your personal program unfolds. See you soon!

Liquid to Solid

With pioneering roots dating back to 1964, the initial founders’ philosophy - ‘if you don’t think about the future, you cannot have one’, still lives on now that the second generation is at the helm. By replacing traditional materials such as teak and asphalt we contribute to a better environment. 
The Bolidt Innovation Center is the breeding ground for innovations in the areas of safety, sustainability, energy & data, design and hygiene.

See beyond your vision

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